Aurafi Short Story

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Early next morning a disturbed Saanchi made an appointment to meet Aurafi the same evening. Aurafi lived in a quaint little bungalow in the bylanes of Bandra. Her assistant a young girl led Saanchi into a small dimly lit room. Aurafi sat cross-legged on a high chair, a table in front of her, with a candle and her tarot cards on it. The aroma of heated oil and scented candles suffused the room, creating a soothing and relaxed ambience. Even though she was dressed casually in a white kurta and a pair of jeans, Aurafi looked sophisticated and mystical at the same time. The session began with Aurafi asking her to pick 11 cards with her left hand from the pack. In a serious tone Aurafi stated, “You love someone and he loves you too. Still,” she paused, “there is deception in your life, isn't there?” Trying unsuccessfully to look away from those all knowing eyes, Saanchi mumbled a reply, which sounded…show more content…
The only person I love is Manav, my fiance. Manav with an M.” Aurafi replied , “And what if you meet him again? Are you going to ignore him? You have a strong connection with him. It's not going to be easy. It is an unfulfilled love. It is meant to be.” On the verge of tears Sanchi abruptly changed the subject asking about her career…show more content…
It's a very positive card. I see great success for you in your chosen career field. You may receive very positive news in the coming week. You will also travel a lot in the next few months and meet many people who will have a life changing effect on you. My advice to you is to be receptive and strong, as you will face many challenges. You must learn to believe. There are many unanswered questions and confusing trends I see in the next few months. One thing I know is that you will come out of this a better and happier person. There are things from your past which you have to deal with and then let

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