Atlantis Narrative Story

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So here's the story of how I almost died this summer... or how I thought I was almost going to die. It all started one humid night when my family and I went to the airport to get my aunts and cousin from my dad’s side that were coming from America and Lebanon. After a long and patient wait they finally arrived. As we caught up to each other on our ride back home we named the places we wanted to visit during their short stay in Abu Dhabi. As short as the list was, one of the places was Atlantis. We decided to go two days after their arrival. Also, considering I've never been to Atlantis before, I was very excited yet anxious. The day has come, it was a hot and sunny Friday morning and we made our way to Atlantis. It was a long ride to get there but it was worth the wait, or so I thought. As soon as I got out of the car I thought to myself, today is going to be a good day. We grabbed our stuff, walked through the entrance and eventually made our way to the rides. As we rode the rides, one of them caught my eye. I was very eager to ride it but very anxious in the same time. The ride was called "Shark Attack". Personally, I have a small fear of sharks, but yet I still love shark movies. I find watching…show more content…
I turned around to see if there was anybody behind me, nope, I was the only person in the tube. They must’ve stopped the people from going down because of the problem with the flow of the water. Are they ever going to find me? Don’t they know I’m stuck in here? Do they think there’s nobody in here? Am I going to get out anytime soon? Those were all of my thoughts. It felt like hours sitting in there all alone. I tried calling for help by yelling to see if anybody would be able to hear me. Nothing at all. I knew I shouldn’t have come on this ride, I thought to myself, at least not

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