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Order Cheques: In this case, the cheque amount is paid only to that person whose name is mentioned at the cheque. Crossed Cheque: In this case, the amount of this cheque is not paid at counter to the customer. Rather amount of this cheque is transferred to the person’s account whose name is specified on the cheque. Two parallel lines lying across in a crosswise direction lines are drawn across the face of the cheque to devote cross cheque tag. Operations Department: Survival and success of any organization requires its operations to be tightly monitored and performed well. Askari Bank believes in handling its operations in an efficient way. A department has been specially designed to carry the operations held. The operations department has a hawk’s eye over all the departments working for the bank but certain departments are made a part of the operations…show more content…
If customer pays back the loan with in time limit (45 days) than there is no mark up charges. Age limit:  Salaried person 21-60  SEB/ SEP 21-65 Income criteria: Salaried person 25000 net income (3 months AKBL salary relationship permanent or contractual) SEB/SEP 50,000 (I year AKBL relationship) Documentation: General:  Complete application form  CNIC copy  Mandatory direct debit instructions for AKBL account  Declaration of all financing facilities availed from all banks.  IPO undertaking Salaried:  Two consecutive salary slips  3 months AKBL bank statement

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