Aristophanes Vs Socrates

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Plato is a great philosopher and mathematician who influenced many individuals. Many individuals consider him as one of the greatest individuals to have ever existed. Plato was a student of Socrates and was a key influence in the life of Aristotle. Plato's work was authentic, and they are a source of the works of Socrates. The works of Plato blend ethics and political philosophy together. It focuses on rational and ideal concepts in contrast to Aristophanes. He is a representative of Greek comedy, and most of his work was preserved. There is little information on Aristophanes, and most individuals only know of his work. Clouds is ironic in contrast to The Great Dialogues since Socrates was depicted as an atheist,…show more content…
Aristophanes talks of matters that show that Socrates is not an influential individual. On the other hand, Plato reveals Socrates as an individual with questions of how men lived in the society. Plato describes him, as an intellectual individual who investigated justice can help humanity. He wanted to find the best way that individuals can live to fulfill their role in the society. He categorizes individuals into sections by their class status which one possesses since everyone has a duty and responsibility to fulfill. The three categories that divide the citizens of Athens is wisdom, courage, and sophrousune. Each person has a duty and each category comes with responsibilities that individual shall follow to fulfill the ideal polis. Socrates in this case is considered a natural scientist rather than a…show more content…
However, Plato and Aristophanes appear to agree that Socrates was a scientist. In his youth, Socrates took an interest in science before he decided to study philosophy. Plato reveals that Socrates was not an arrogant individual but one who seeks to question the ideal definition of Justice. Aristophanes portrays Socrates as an arrogant individual because he only cares about his own interest. The author focuses his work on criticizing character of Socrates. Plato depicts Socrates as an individual who establishes roles for every citizen so the development of Athens is ideal. Aristophanes argues that Socrates denied individuals the things they believed in contrast to Plato who argues we already possess knowledge but it is the process of retrieving it. In most of his plays, he argues that Socrates was given too much which he did not deserve. The plays of Aristophanes were interesting to read, because of the manner in which depicted political figures in his plays. He had his way of bringing out characteristics of political

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