Arguments Against The Ebola Virus

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In 2014 a deadly virus struck many countries in Africa. Even though this virus could not be spread by air, water, food, or even common human contact such as a handshake, one in every two people who contracted the virus died. This virus is called Ebola Virus Disease or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever. Overall Ebola has a sixty to seventy percent case fatality rate. Ebola can only spread through contact with infected animals or contact with the bodily fluids of an already infected patient. As reports of the Ebola virus began to come in more frequently, hospitals all over the world braced for impact. They developed procedures to follow if an Ebola patient were to come in needing care and they stocked up on necessary supplies to help fight this deadly disease. As all these hospitals began to rush to help control and prevent the spread of Ebola, an important question was being asked by many people. Should…show more content…
To continue, some people say that hospitals should be allowed to reject Ebola patients because they do not have the necessary materials to follow the procedures needed to care for an Ebola patient. To care for an Ebola patient, nurses and doctors' must isolate them. Then they have to constantly evaluate the state of their health and monitor who leaves and enters the room. However, they must immediately notify the proper authority and state that they are holding an Ebola patient. They must make sure to wear the proper protective equipment at all times when coming in contact with any suspected Ebola victims. Another reason why a hospital should be able to reject an Ebola patient is because the majority of hospitals where Ebola patients are abundant happen to not be wealthy and do not have the funds necessary to house, feed, and provide medication

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