Argumentative Essay: Why Should Abortion Should Be Aborted?

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Jonny Hillman Mrs. Leger Eng. 101 1/20/18 Abortion Should be Aborted The solution for the problem of abortion having been legalized is two parts. First we must recognize and agree that life begins at conception and that because of that, any tampering with that life should be punished just as any other life. To do so, lobbyists need to work with legislators, letting them know it is a problem. Next, voices must be heard. The impact that social media has on today's culture is indescribable. With a click of a button many people can read what others believe and why they believe it. Standing in the gap for others that have no voice, such as an unborn baby, is an appropriate response in the case of abortion. To begin with, abortion is wrong is because…show more content… states that a pregnancy is considered full-term at 280 days or 40 weeks gestation. Typically plus or minus 2 week is (38-42 weeks) is an acceptable range for gestation to be within normal range. Advances in health care and neonatal care have been able to sustain preterm deliveries, routinely after 28 weeks and that timeline continues to move up. There are documented cases (cite the reference) where babies have lived when delivered at 23 weeks gestation. In addition there are now surgeries being completed on unborn babies that are temporarily removed from the uterus for the surgery, and then reimplanted for the duration of the pregnancy. (cite the reference) Many states in America authorize abortions in the 2nd trimester, which would be up until 24 weeks. The question is: if a 23 (or younger) week fetus is a life worthy of surgery, is it also a life worth taking? The argument doesn't work on both sides of the fence, either it is a life or it is…show more content…
The “Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology” study found that, “of men whose partners had abortions, 51.6% of the men reported regret, 45.2% felt sadness, and 25.8% experienced depression.” Again, this statistic supports the need for pregnancies to be supported rather than aborted for the sake of the baby, mother and father. Of course there are two sides to every issue. On one hand, there is the side of not wanting abortion, but there is also the side of pro-abortion. Some people might say it is the women’s body and she may do with it whatever she pleases, that it's her choice. Although women have rights just as everyone else, there are also laws set in place so anyone can’t do whatever they want. For example, many acts are not endorsed in our society. Murder of another person has severe consequences. When a woman becomes pregnant she is not only making the decision of one life but of two, the

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