Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Golf

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Golf; a four letter word that means completely different things to different people. To some, it’s hardly a sport that is only played by old retired people; to others, it’s a game that they enjoy to get away from work on weekends. For me however, golf represents something far greater- it’s almost a separate lifestyle. Golf is an integral part of my life, and through numerous tournaments, fun rounds with other juniors at Brampton Golf Club, and hard hours of practice, I have realized that this sport represents things that I am striving for, in my life. These characteristics include competitiveness, respect, integrity, hard work, goal setting, confidence, and many more. Participating in this year’s George Chiu Golf Classic was a great experience…show more content…
Solo 5th at Ontario Bantam Boys, 2nd at the George Chiu Golf Classic, P2 at the CJGA Linkster National, 3rd place at 2 U.S. Kids golf tournaments- I feel like everytime I tee it up, I have a serious chance to win. Some of the rounds I’ve played this year show the potential I have to succeed in this game- 5 birdies en route to a 2nd round 73 at the GCGC, 1 eagle and 4 birdies leading to a 2nd round 70 at the Linkster National Championship, or even my Club Championship quarterfinals, where I went 1 under through 14 holes from the 6400 yard blue tees to win my match, 5 & 4 against another talented junior. However, one thing has been absent throughout my golf career- a win. In the 5 years of my tournament career, I have never won a tournament, albeit with numerous close chances. If chosen for the scholarship, I believe that it will help strengthen weak parts of my game, as well as reinforce the already strong parts. In addition, I think that it will indefinitely improve the mental part of my game, arguably the most important. All these things will help my golf game reach the next level, and help me achieve my golfing goals; to win a golf tournament next year, become a scratch golfer by then end of next year, eventually get on the Stanford golf team as per a golf and academic scholarship, and ultimately make it to the PGA tour. I will try to the best of my…show more content…
Whether it be my parents, the other juniors at Brampton Golf Club, my classmates, or my golf coach Conor O’Shea, they have all taken time and energy out of their lives to help or encourage me with my golf game. My parents have taken so much time out of their lives to drive me to the golf course, pick me up, or just help me practice, the other juniors at Brampton Golf Club make golf more enjoyable and practice with me, my classmates understand and encourage my aspirations to become a professional golfer, providing words of support, and my coach, who works on my swing, and is committed to making me the best golfer I can be. By getting this scholarship, it would just be a way of saying thanks to all those different people who have helped me. It would be a sort of acknowledgement for their efforts, kind of saying, “Thanks for supporting me and helping me with golf- it’s starting to pay off”. This scholarship would also help my family a lot, financially. Coaching is expensive, and as my dad has been unemployed for over a year, the only money coming into our household is from my mom, who works at the Mandarin as a buffet attendant. I’ve stopped seeing my coach Conor O’shea because of how expensive it is, and receiving this scholarship would allow me to get lessons and get coached for free, easing the financial burden

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