Argumentative Essay On Mars Life

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For centuries people have speculated about the possibility of life on Mars due to the planet's location and similarity to Earth. Although there has been much speculation, to date there has never been any proof of life existing on Mars. However, evidence is now building that Mars once was habitable. Mars and planets like Kepler 69-c are very capable of supporting life because both planets have traces of water which are needed for any forms of life. Mars and other planets are very capable of supporting life because scientist have found elements vital for survival. Mars could support life because there are multiple traces of water on mars and water is essential for all life. This quote proves that life on mars is possible, “NASA's Curiosity rover landed on the Red Planet in August 2012 to explore and look for signs of living things. Last Monday, scientists said it had found the remains of an ancient lake that was filled with just the right chemical ingredients for life to thrive. David Catling, a scientist at the University of…show more content…
Planets like Mars and kepler 69-c are good host for other life forms because they both have traces of essential elements for life and are both in a habitable zone. “Scientists are excited by Kepler-69c, as it seems to orbit a star that is similar to our sun. The astronomers did reveal that they have found three planets, bigger than Earth, that exist in a “habitable zone.” Some don’t think mars will ever have life because, “While the discovery doesn't by itself offer evidence of life on Mars, either past or present, it does boost hopes that the harsh landscape still offers some refuge for microbes to cling to existence. It remains unclear where the water comes from. This is not the first discovery of water on Mars.” Because of the discovery hopes are very high that we will be seeing life on mars or other planets at some

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