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“The Birds,” by Aristophanes, is a comedic play that deviated largely from the norm of the time. This play centered around the journey two characters undertake to become birds, build a city, and eventually become extremely powerful. The play was notable in embracing the ridiculous nature of its plot, utilizing crude humor, and being pointedly directed at its audience. (topic) "The Birds" (argument) has endured the test of time and remained a subject of scholarly comments and debate (reason) because of its distinctive incorporation of the audience into its plot and themes. (topic) Later in the play, after construction of the birds’ city is underway, the chorus acknowledges the existence of the audience in an unusually direct manner. (point)…show more content…
(point) By depicting the gods that the audience so devotedly believed them at their lowest beneath the supremacy of birds, the play provoked a response from the audience that went beyond simple comedy. (evidence) After explaining how the new city is blocking sacrifices from reaching Olympus, Prometheus informs Pisthetaerus that, “The barbarian gods, who are dying of hunger, are bawling like Illyrians and threaten to make an armed descent upon Zeus….But one thing I can tell you for certain, namely, that Zeus and the celestial Tribally are going to send deputies here to sue for peace” (Aristophanes 631). (explanation 1) Through these words, Prometheus explains that the gods are starving, desperate enough to begin dissent against Zeus, and that Zeus is on his way to appeal for peace from the birds. (ex2) By depicting the audiences’ valued deities at the mercy of simple animals, Aristophanes took another figurative stab at his audience by seemingly insulting their faith. (ex3) However, this insult was likely meant to be taken in a comedic context rather than a serious one, but it was still a bold move intended to shock the audience, and has thus endured as a subject of scholarly debate. (transition) Both in blatant and subtle decisions, Aristophanes crafted a memorable experience by including the audience profoundly into his

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