Persuasive Essay On Cheating In School

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When it comes to education there’s always ways around to pass a test or turn in an assignment the next day with no critical thinking, simply just by copying another student’s work. Many people have plagiarized or had the answers to an assignment all because they don’t want to do the work or they want to rely on someone else to do it for them. Many students cheat, it could be the least expected student or it can be the straight A student who loves to read, the problem is that teachers can’t put a stop to it. Most students are not ready to take the consequences of cheating. The risks for students cheating, plagiarizing could mean failing their assignment or they could really get into trouble with the law. I’ve been in a position where I had…show more content…
Learning should be a daily adventure to hold students attention, with long lectures of a subject that will not get students attention is kind of challenging for students to learn the lesson. I feel like students need a way better life experience of what they are learning instead of remembering a few things on what the teacher had spoke about the other day. Mark Naison, a history professor and education expert at Fordham University states “that teaching to the test, which involves repetition, memorization, and stationary activity, will no doubt make students bored and restless”. If we can actually have this at every high school, there would be more high school graduates, more money for the school, and discounts on a variety of resources. No teacher would have to struggle on having their students pass their class or stopping every five minutes to explain why. Now with technology a lot of assignments are online, and students can all send the answers to each other and turn it in the next day just like the other half of the class turned the exact same paper as they did. WIth a use of a smartphone, technology is all crammed into that mini computer where

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