Argumentative Essay: My Vision For America

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America is made up of many individuals that make up this great nation. We all have different visions for America and how we think it should be , but we all have to come together as one to insure our rights, freedoms, and protect this land we call home. So, wth that this is my vision for America. Many people have different visions for America, but this is "My Vision for America." My vision for america is for us to come together and be united as one. We aren't a nation if we keep leaving groups out because of differences, and causing many problems for one another. We can't keep attacking people just for saying or doing something that they believe in, we need to respect that better. People shouldn't have to be afraid to say something or do something because of others. I want us, as Americans that live in this wonderful country full of freedom,…show more content…
We also need to stop adding to the debt because it is only hurting us by increasing it. We also need to start thinking about if the debt continue to rise. How will it affected the children of tomorrow? I believe we need to think more about the children, and how we want to leave this world for them. Do we want to save the world that is destroyed by the government, not having many jobs, money not worth as much as it is now, everyone gets along, people not leaving others out because of color, or being different. We want to leave them a world that is equally governed, has lots of jobs, money being worth as much, and everyone being loving and caring for everyone else in the world. I believe that America needs to believe and have more faith in God. I think people need to go back to celebrate holidays for the real meaning as in family, friend, and time together. Now they party and drink all day instead it being about family. That is not teaching kids the real meaning of

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