Pierre's Use Of Satire In Vernon God Little

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DBC Pierre uses the novel ‘Vernon God Little’ as criticism of America’s media system and also to express his thoughts towards this ‘indestructible’ industry. Throughout the novel Pierre uses a range of techniques to expose his criticism; however the use of satire in the novel is powerful and constant. ‘Vernon God Little’ has a powerful effect on its readers as America’s media is at the centre of the world and consequently has the biggest influence on people all around the world. Therefore this essay will focus on the satire used by Pierre in the light of the definition “satire is used to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, government or society itself, into improvements”, to criticise the power and influence the media…show more content…
The structure of the last paragraph on page 13 portrays an image of a camera flowing through Martirio describing the key aspects of the city. Vernon narrates Martirio to have “all the money, and folk’s interest ... around the center of town” and purposely describes it to “spread outwards in a dying wave.” By personifying the surroundings of Martirio as a “dying wave” Pierre connotes the people of Martirio as a herd that when it spreads loses it force and not only dies but also contaminates the area touched such as a dying wave would do – in the light of the meaning that dying waves are commonly referred to as destructive. Pierre also uses religious imagery to portray the power of the media through the “eye (of the people) that move to the screen like sinners to fucken church”, suggesting that the media have turned into a new religion and where it passes gains followers and greater force. The first person narration form of the novel also enables the reader to have a wider perspective of Vernon and supports the satire used by Pierre of a manipulative force as his narration reveals thoughts which the media blinds him to

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