Apple Vs Microsoft Research Paper

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Apple vs. Microsoft There is a big difference in the type of products you want. Apple and Microsoft are the two biggest leading industries for their products. Apple and Microsoft are two very good products to buy, but there is a big difference in the way they run, there looks, how their companies run, and how they interact with society. I’m going to compare both apple and Microsoft companies and they products and also contrast how they are different. These industries are both the biggest companies for their technology on computers and phone’s and the technology that run them. Both industries started out very small and built their way up through the years. Microsoft was founded in 1975 one year earlier than Apple. They both was founded in America, in the mid 70’s. Apple or Microsoft make very good products, “These two companies have been in competition for almost 20 years and up to the present. They continue proving themselves to be the leading providers for computing solutions …“(“Apple vs. Microsoft: Which is better? “). Both of their products are the best you can buy. Both of the products from both companies are affordable to the modern day society. They weren’t very popular until the early 1990’s or 2000’s, because that’s when basically they started making products for the society, and basically the start of modern…show more content…
Apple has their own line of computer, with their system that runs it, vs Microsoft that has a system that runs computers and every pc on the market has Microsoft’s system in it. Microsoft even has some systems built into phones, where Apple has their own line of phones with their own system that runs them. Apple and Microsoft are very competitive with each other, because they are the two biggest industries that are fighting for the best quality of products, the biggest industries, and always trying to bring the newest stuff to the market for the society to buy and

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