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2. The Spanish affected the Native American’s way of life greatly. When the Spanish went on their conquest for gold and other treasures, they discovered Native American territories. One of the very first examples was a Spanish explorer named Cortez who discovered the Aztec land. When the emperor invited Cortez to the land, Cortez acted friendly toward the people, then later attacked the people. Without an emperor, the Aztec empire fell. Another example is when Pizarro found the Incan empire, he killed the emperor and then took control over the whole kingdom. The Spanish used their military advancements to defeat all of the Native American tribes they came across along with foreign diseases. Once they had control over all of the tribes, they made them move out of their land and treated them as slaves and put them at the bottom of the social class. The English conquests started out peacefully. The Jamestown colonist came over and didn’t bring enough food. They looked to a local tribe who provided food for them. When the Native American refused, the colonists grew very angry and used force to get what they desired. Eventually, the Native Americans and colonists engaged in bloody warfare for a few years. Finally, they were able to work out their differences and an Indian named…show more content…
The settlement in New Spain had a different settlement then New France. New Spain’s government started with the conquistadors owning the land they conquered. The conquistadors showed that they couldn’t rule over the land and people properly so the king split the land into New Spain and Peru and had viceroy in charge over different sections of the land under the king's name. The reason why the Spanish set up colonizations was to search for gold and other treasures and to claim land for the king. New Spain settled along Florida and stretched their land all the way up to California. Their economy was based off of the amount of land they owned, the amount of treasure they found, and

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