Antigone Vs Siddhartha Essay

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What is more important, fulfilling obligations to society or oneself? As humans, we innately search for acceptance within society, due to the psychological need for relationships. On the other hand, people’s values do not always overlap with those of society, leaving one to decide which reigns superior. Is it worth following one’s inner sense of Truth at the cost of acceptance by those around you? In the books Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and Antigone by Sophocles, the main characters face this situation, deciding which “code” to live by in order to achieve the Good Life. Both characters find it is imperative for one follow their own inner sense of Truth in order to achieve the Good Life. Siddhartha leaves his life as Brahmin and embarks on a…show more content…
Antigone faces the decision on whether to follow Kreon’s Code or her own. The character’s both have to make the same decision on what is more important. To begin, Siddhartha is born a Brahmin in India’s caste system. The Brahmin is the highest level in the caste system, yet Siddhartha feels like he has gained all he possibly can from the Brahmins. He believes that they know everything but the most important thing, wisdom (Hesse 6). Due to his thirst for wisdom, he decides to leave his family with the Samanas. Siddhartha establishes that he values his inner sense of Truth over societal obligations. Life as a Brahmin does not cut it for him, so he leaves his family behind in search of Truth. Life with the Samanas also proves to be insufficient, as Siddhartha is once again unable to find the wisdom he is after. Rather than obliging to society, he again follows his inner sense of Truth when he leaves to join Gotama the Buddha. Once again, Siddhartha is dissatisfied with Buddhism, as he is yet to find wisdom. He continues to demonstrate the importance of following one’s inner sense of Truth, as he gets closer to wisdom. Upon leaving Buddhism, Siddhartha states he must “leave all teachings and all teachers to

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