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Much of life is told initially by what we see, while communication gives us clarification. When examining a work such as Daytripper, it is important to not only comprehend the material, but also to understand the goal of the authors. In the closing, written by co-author Fábio Moon, Moon states that he and his brother (Gabriel Bá) were not “trying to create a world that would look real,” but rather, “creating a world that would feel real,” (Moon 254). Examining the comic book on its own, and without the authors’ goal in mind, the reader will sense that the events parallel real life experiences, such as love, opportunity, and struggles, among many other things. Daytripper is the story of Brás de Olivias Dominguez, from the age of 11 until the age of 76, and focuses on the main challenges people encounter, from finding interest in another person, discovering one’s passion in life, how family shapes oneself, and understanding why one makes…show more content…
As stated before in chapter five, Brás is 11 years old and has his mother’s side of the family to engage with for a mini reunion they have every-other weekend. A new day, a part from when Benedito is spaced out on the porch, young Brás finds his father out by a tree in the distance where it is mentioned he spends most of his time writing during these weekends (114-115). Brás’s father excludes himself because he needs to be able to focus and write his thoughts for his current book when the ideas come to him. It is apparent that Brás wants to keep his father company and worries about how distant his father can act when he is only a matter of yards away. The behavior that Benedito showed Brás all those weekends is a fundamental excuse. It sets an example that one can do whatever one wants to benefit their own work, with little regard to how others feel. As Brás ages, we notice that Brás makes himself

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