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The Context is Reflexive tool is one that starts with the speaker how he or she is presenting information to help create or shape how the listener is going to take the context. The boarder that I have to explore is the one between nail salons and Asian women when they do your nails. There is this perception on the way Vietnamese women talk to you while getting your nails done and the comedian Anjelah Johnson has a script called “Nail Salon” and this explains the border very well. With this tool there is a lot of ways to shape or help create a different meaning by just the previous events leading up to a quote or how a person is speaking to a certain person. Anjelah’s tone of voice and relevance of her script causes the audience to understand…show more content…
The view of her side and the view of the Vietnamese lady whose name is Mai Ling who is doing her nails. Anjelah’s tone of voice when explaining her experience is a big factor when she is commentating, with the Vietnamese accent that she is using it causes the audience to really get a understanding on how her story is both funny and most of the time true. Since she is doing comedy when explaining this story she does have some jokes making fun of the way that these Vietnamese ladies are so nice and always call you ‘honey’ and how they do not have the best grammar but that is just the way that they talk to you. For example, “Hi honey, what you need today?” (Johnson, 2005, 5:32). This is a stereotypical view of how the Vietnamese women greet you when you walk into a nail salon, her tone of voice she used was a Vietnamese accent which makes the audience get a feel for how she was actually greeted and gives it a more funny story line, opposed to if she was just using her actual accent then the audience would not get the full effect of how she was actually greeted when she came into the nail salon. So her tone of voice is a big factor in how the audience is taking her story, it helps shape the audience’s view of the comedy that is behind her story. Her audience is targeted towards women, and most women have gotten their nails done at…show more content…
“Whatever you like, we do for you” (Johnson, 2005, 5:20) is relevant to what most women experience, this relevance to what women and sometimes even guys experience at the nail salon adds more understanding to the audience because they know what she is talking about. Another scenario that women are always dealing with is when the nail ladies try to get you to get more things so that they can make more money, “You like long or short nail?” “Uh, short nails please, thanks” “Oh honey, that’s why you don’t have boyfriend. I do for you, long better” “Alright, fine, I’ll have long nails. Thanks…” “That’s okay honey, only four dollar more, that’s okay” (Johnson, 2005, 6:45). This is a scenario that goes on in the nail salons, they sneak in little charges that add up in the end, but they make is sound that they are helping you out. In this example the nail person is saying how if she gets longer nails she will get a boyfriend so it is better for her, when in reality she is trying to add on those four more dollars. Again, her relevance and examples are relatable which helps the audience find the comedy behind her

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