Angela Duckworth's Definition Of Grit

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Angela Duckworth has done a lot of research on grit. People’s grit toward something depends on their experiences and how bad they want it. “People might be gritty about some things and not others.” That is why some people are just grittier than others. Duckworth’s definition of grit is “Sticking with things over the very long term until you master them.” I don’t think there is a better definition of grit out there. Duckworth thinks that “The grittiest students – not the smartest ones – had the highest GPAs”. What she means by this is that even if you’re intelligent, but you don’t have any grit, you won’t successfully finish what you start. Donna Beegle, Frederick Douglass, and Rapkat Amin’s experiences prove that Duckworth’s theory of grit; helps you finish what you start.…show more content…
Even though Beegle was born into poverty and nobody in her family was educated passed the eighth grade; she was determined and managed to get her education. Beegle also continued to go to college even though she had to take care of her kids and struggled financially. Since nobody in Beegle’s family was educated it wasn’t easy for her to go to college. Duckworth says that first generation students are usually likely to give up because they don’t have anyone in their family to turn to. When Beegle started educating herself people teased her for not being able to speak “proper English” but she didn’t give up. Unlike Beegle, most students give up when they have obstacles like these. The reason Beegle finished her education was because she was gritty, without her grit and determination she most likely wouldn’t have her Doctorate degree right

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