Analyzing Viramontes 'The Working World'

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1. How does the poem "Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper" (170) fit in with the theme of "The Working World?" What was your first overall response to that poem, and what do you think the writer is trying to get across? The working world is represented by the people who go unnoticed in factories or sweatshops. We rarely sit down to think about the time, pay, sacrifice, pain, labor, and conditions that the individuals that are producing every day items that we purchase and consume.This poem is trying to get us to recognize the people who do the work and the pains that go into the making of those things. I am a paralegal, so post-it pads, legal pads, envelopes and paper are essential to my job and a big part of work routine, I feel humbled by this writers message.…show more content…
How would you describe the narrator in Viramontes' "The Cariboo Cafe" (158)? How would you describe her relationship to her family? This story took a few reads, before I was able to piece it together. I would describe Sonya as responsible, protective and caring. Even though she loses the key, and forgets how to get to Mrs. Avila’s she stays very close to her brother and watches over him. I would describe her relationship with her family as important, she has taken a lot of responsibility as a young girl and has heeded the warnings of her parents, such as knowing what to avoid and who to run from (aka the Polie). Although, going to the Cariboo Cafe seemed like a safe choice and location, an unexpected turn of events happens when an El Salvadoran woman mad from the loss of her son, mistakes Sonya's brother Macky for her son Geraldo. Sonya, is loyal and fearless and stays with her brother the whole time, never leaving his side, further showing the bond and love she has for her family. 3. Besides "Who Burns For the Perfection of Paper," which of the poems from this week's reading did you enjoy the

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