Analyzing Themes From The Book The Hundred Dresses

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The main themes from the book, "The Hundred Dresses" , is first, that bullying is wrong under any circumstances. The second theme is that all people have human obligations and failing to fulfill these obligations is both unethical and immoral. The last theme is that you should have courage, even when it is difficult, to always forgive. These themes show the purpose behind standards or rules that we have in our personal life. What is bullying? Bullying is any behavior that inflicts harm, whether it be physical or emotional. We all have seen the tormenting in one way or another, it may have been on social media or in day to day activities. Bullying tears down a persons individual idea of self worth. In the book we learn that bullying is even sometimes done unconsciously. An example of this would be when Peggy teased Wanda for saying that she had "a hundred dresses" Nonetheless, Peggy taunted Wanda because she really didn't have that many dresses. Peggy did not realize that this made Wanda feel bad and thought that it was just a silly joke. In life, we must always take into account how our actions and words affects others. Bullying is wrong; we must always look for ways to help others rather than put them down.…show more content…
In the story Maddie, Peggy's best friend, recognizes that teasing Wanda is wrong. Maddie however, was intimidated by the fact that she herself could become the subject to Peggy's bullying, because she was also very poor and often wore hand me down clothes. After Wanda had moved, Maddie later apologized. If Maddie would've stood up for Wanda would she still have left? No one can say for certain, but it would have put Peggy, and the others involved, in their place. We should always stand up for those that need our help, even if it isn't the most "popular" thing to do; It is the right thing to

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