How Does Ender's Game Relate To This Futuristic Society

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Ender's Game : Annihilation of an Entire Race The novel most notably refered to as Ender's Game, written by the intellectial and astonishing author Orson Scott Card, is a story that is focused on an extremely itellegent and young individual named Andrew "Ender" Wiggin. To the audience, he is illustrated as an outcast to this futuristic society because he was categorized as a Third from the moment he was introduced into civilization. The book begins with Ender attempting to escape his enemies that surround his daily routine. Ender devises a effective plan that permanetaly prevents his merciless enemies or bullies from inflicting any further damage to him. After that incident, Ender is approached by Colonel Graff. Graff is the principal of Battle School, which is a highly trained facility that focused…show more content…
His new nemesis is a malicious teenager named Bonzo Madrid, an itellegent but arrogant individual. Neither of them are aware of their presence at the time, but eventually they are introduced to eachother. Ender promptly transforms into an absolute phonomenal student in comparison to the other children. Due to the intensely high levels of expectations, Ender is placed into an advanced army at Battle School. This is where Ender is forced to comfront his nemisis Bonzo Madrid. Instead of viewing him as a valuable aspect to his army, Bonzo is infuriated at the actuality that a weakness such as Ender would be situated with his prestigious army. Because of his arrogant perspective, Bonzo ordered Ender to never enter the battle arena. To Summarize, when Bonzo was leader, Ender's precious and talents were being inadequately wasted.During a battle, Ender disobeyed Bonzo's directed orders. Because of this action, Ender was presented with his own army named Dragon Army. They rapidly improved their personal standing, and eventually surpassed every army in Battle

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