Character Analysis: Red Sky At Morning

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The novel Red Sky at Morning is a bildungsroman, it is a coming of age story for the protagonist, Josh. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Josh Arnold moved to Sagrado, New Mexico when he was seventeen. There he met Marcia Davidson at school, and he met Victoria Montoya, the daughter of a family friend. While Marcia could be Josh’s companion, Victoria Montoya would be a better companion to support Josh’s development. Victoria and Josh show similar intellectual levels and standards, whereas Marcia and Josh do not. Also, Josh shows much more physical attraction towards Victoria than towards Marcia. One important aspect to successful relationships is equal intellectual levels. The intellectual level does not necessarily mean the grades they earn but…show more content…
Whether high or low, it is important that both people are headed in the same direction. Standards also refer to the drive someone has and how a person carries oneself. It is evident, in Josh’s first encounter with Marcia, that she does not have high standards. She was talking to Steenie about her acne and then proceeds to pull “her skirt tight against her behind” and ask Josh if she had a “pretty behind” (39). Marcia does not carry herself with respect, she puts herself out to Romeo. After she first met Romeo, she told Josh, Romeo was a nice man and that she could “have an experience with him” (143). The way Marcia has “absolutely no modesty” for her body reflects poor her standards. Marcia shows low standards and would in no way help Josh mature. However, Victoria shows high standards and would be beneficial to Josh’s coming of age. Victoria’s high standards surface after Josh is encouraged by Victoria’s parents to ask her to the movies. Victoria sees that Josh only asked her because her parents wanted him to ask, so she tells Josh to ask her another time, when he really wants to. Victoria never puts herself out to anyone, even Josh. She carries herself with respect, she wants a strong relationship, and she doesn’t show interest in sexual or immodest activities with older

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