Analyzing Adolf Hitler's Fallacy Strategy

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I am the C.E.O of the Shampoo Company and want to hire an employer, who can increase my sell and profit. My company is having loss since many months. I would hire a student of Hitler to run my company, which is going in loss since several months. The reason of choosing the Hitler’s student is that he would also be like Hitler. Hitler’s strategies would found in him and that would be good for my company. There were many strategies in Hitler’s propaganda, but one of the best strategy of was fallacy. He was a fallacy user, and most probably his student would also have that strategy. Hitler’s student is better for my company than Martin Luther’s student because Luther’s student would probably use the common ground strategy, and that is not good…show more content…
Hitler’s fallacy strategy would help my company in advertising my products. Hitler was a master of fallacy, so his student would be beneficial for my company. His fallacy would make my advertisement more effective and attractive. His student’s main aim would be to manipulate the audience and attracts them to buy my product. And this could only be done by Hitler’s student because Hitler’s famous quote states that “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” ( This shows that Hitler was a big manipulator, and makes his work easier by manipulating others and making them think the way he thinks. Also, he used to make people agree with…show more content…
And also I have observed that commercials with Hitler’s strategies are more effective. For example, the commercial “Geoedge's Premium Proxy Service” and “Degree Solutions” used the Hitler’s strategy of repeating same dialogue again and again to brainwash the audience. These types of commercial are for uneducated people. According to the US Census Bureau, in United States of America about 68 percent of citizens do not have a bachelor’s degree, so these types of commercials would be effective.

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