Analysis Of Look On The Bright Side By Dagoberto Gilb

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In “Look on the Bright Side” by Dagoberto Gilb, a Mexican immigrant and his family seem to be having some hardship in their life. They were living in an infested apartment where the landlord tried to raise the rent illegally. On top of all of that he got laid off from his job, which happen so many times before. He‘s collecting a unemployment check and decided not to pay the rent, and instead of looking for a job he makes excuses for not having one. This man is lazy and trying to con the system and need to work hard like most people do. We all go through hardship some time or another in our life’s, some people get knock down and get back up, while others stay down and expect a hand out. They try to found ways to work the system so they don’t have to work and provide for their family like the average person does. This is just what the narrator was doing in this story. He tried to make you believe that he is the victim and not the system. Here is a man who lost his job, collecting unemployment and about to get evicted for his apartment, but decided to take the extra money from not paying the rent and took a vacation to Mexico (542). This goes to show that his priorities were in the…show more content…
Right from the beginning the narrator lets us know that he was laid off and getting laid off has happened a lot of times and it was no big deal to him. That’s because his passive attitude towards work was not admirable. He was irresponsible when it came down to taking care of his business. Making sure his family was stable was not a part of his thinking, the only thing he can think about is how the government is going to give him an income tax check which they took all but nine dollars from him. He really was not concerning on getting another job he was too busy juicing unemployment he stated “Unemployment money covers things when you don’t have to pay rent. And he doesn’t want to pay for as long as

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