Analysis Of Langston Hughes Theme For English B

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In “Theme for English B” Langston Hughes focuses on how different races are bonded to each other in America as well as points out the necessity of tolerance in our country. In the beginning, Hughes stresses how being from diverse races do not make people completely unlike each other since he enjoys things commonly liked by everyone regardless of their ethnicity. However, he goes on to explain how there are still differences when he clarifies that although they may have some things in common, Hughes is not white like his instructor but a colored man. Yet despite this ethnic disparity, both he and his instructor have a bond with each other because they are essentially both Americans. Finally, he concludes that whether they like it or not, the bond that they share means that they must coexist and learn to accept each other’s differences.…show more content…
In the beginning he emphasizes that a goal of this course is to make students appreciate the diversity of cultures and customs that our world possesses. IGE is meant to teach students the importance of learning from each other’s differences and welcoming new perspectives. From taking this course, students will continue to develop their awareness of the different human experiences and make connections between different sorts of societies. I agree with Hughes’s closing message encouraging tolerance amongst different ethnic groups in America. America is not made up of one single uniform ethnic group, but a huge variety of races with their own traditions and values. I believe that being American means being a part of this large melting pot of cultures, which is what ties all of us together. Although the different groups may clash and contrast, we have to learn to accept and live peacefully amongst each other because America belongs to all of

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