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The Great Depression was one of the most terrible times of American history. People lost jobs, lived on the streets, and didn’t have the money to buy new things, pay rent, or even the money to buy food. The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1941, and, during that time, most people lived in poverty. Hoover, the president during this time, didn’t do anything to try to help the American people, and many people called their “houses” Hoovervilles to embarrass the president. This Depression happened because of the stock market crash, and many other factors. However, once Hoover’s term was up, the people elected Franklin Roosevelt, and he introduced the New Deal. However, the New Deal and its terms were not effective enough. One of the reasons it…show more content…
During Hoover’s term as president during the Great Depression, many people didn’t have the money to buy food, clothes or homes. Some people sold their furniture, some sold apples, some begged, and some even put their children up for adoption. When Roosevelt was elected president, people hoped that he would help people get some money to buy whatever they needed. However, people still didn’t have the money to buy even simple things like food and clothes. As Clara Hancox stated, “My mother would find a few pennies and we would go to the greengrocer and wait until he threw out the stuff that was beginning to rot. We would pick out the best rotted potato and greens and carrots that were already soft. Then we would go to the butcher and beg a marrow bone”(document 1). This quote shows that even though Roosevelt was trying to…show more content…
However, the New Deal harmed America more than it helped. For the New Deal, Roosevelt had many different ideas that he believed would help the government. However, when Roosevelt tried to pass the New Deal, the Supreme Court declared certain parts of it unconstitutional, such as the NRA(textbook, pg.780). In response, Roosevelt tried to appoint six new Supreme Court Justices in place of the old ones. Not only did his plan not work, but it embarrassed the president, and showed the country that he would do anything to make his plan effective, even if it was illegal. Roosevelt tried to help fix “sick” America by getting more money to end the Great Depression. In one political cartoon, he was the “doctor” treating sick “America”, and he was saying that if they didn’t get results, they’d have to change remedies(document 5). However, he had already wasted some much money on other “remedies”, and they still weren’t getting the results that they wanted. Also, when Roosevelt was elected, people believed he would help, and that America would become golden again. However, as the years went on and the Great Depression didn’t get any better, people started calling it Roosevelt’s ruin(document 10). They called it this because, as Senator Huey Long stated, Roosevelt wasn’t helping the country in anyway, and was in fact making it worse. Therefore, it wasn’t

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