An Analysis Of Do Einstein's Law Prove Ghost Exist? By Benjamin Radford

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Energy is neither created nor destroyed. If energy is neither created nor destroyed, then the energy where the body dies must be transformed in another form of energy. If when the body dies the energy transforms into another form, then that other form is a ghost. If that energy is a ghost, then (EMF) Electric Field Detectors can be used to discover the presence of ghosts. If the presence of ghost is detected, then ghosts do exist. A belief in ghosts is supported by the conservation energy. Benjamin Radford, the author of “Do Einstein’s Law Prove Ghost Exist?”, believes that there is no solid evidence that ghosts are real. Radford invalidates Einstein’s theories by the simplicity of basic science. He supports his belief with the fact that our energies, after death, go back into the environment; the energy releases in the form of heat, absorption by plants and animals, or if cremated, in the form of both heat and light. Relatable to human’s vegan/carnivorous diets, the energy from plants and animals are converted when digested for our own purposes (i.e. movement and reproduction). Disapproving the electric fields ghost hunters can detect produced by ghosts, Radford states that these low-level electrical currents are no longer sourceful when an organism dies. When there is no source of energy,…show more content…
Radford does possess a valid and strong argument, but is mostly bias throughout the reading. Regards to what was provided within the premises, we may turn into a ghost but there’s a chance that our physical format will go back into the environment. I don’t disagree nor do I agree with the premises, but if there was more of an explanation for each premise, i’d have a stand. But all in all, it’s just a matter of what we want ourselves to believe, whether it’d be supported by religion or

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