An Alternate Ending To Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The gigantic beast leaped upon Arnold, growling, scratching, and biting anything it could get its mouth on. After much struggle Arnold stabbed the monster with his knife, the beast falls back screaming in pain. By the time it is able to pull the small blade out, Arnold had already picked up his sword and started swinging and slashing with all of his might, eventually catching the beast in the eye. It leaps back with a small screech and grabs for the sword, instead it catches Arnold’s hand and yanks as hard as it could, ripping the arm from the rest of Arnold’s body. 2 Weeks Ago Sunlight glitters through the giant redwood trees, giving the ability to see all the creatures of the forrest run and climb to any of their desires. The only sound…show more content…
However, the force of the blow threw Harold onto his back, Arnold thrust his sword at the creature scrapping its arm. With one look of its arm the creature lunged at Arnold, leaping out of the way Arnold stabbed back at the creature striking it in the leg. The sharp sword easily slid into the creatures leg, shrieking in pain the beast pulled the sword out and threw it into the shore, it then jumped into the small ship and crawled inside of the…show more content…
The creature slowly stood up from where it had been, it then continued to walk closer to Samuel, slowly growling and showing its teeth. Samuel reached for the torch that was attached to the wall, he then turns it towards the creature, it leaps back and then swipes the torch out of Samuel’s hand sending it to a pile of wood for the fires. Piles of wood instantaneously catch fire and starts to spread throughout the ship, Samuel and the beast both hear a small cry. Slowly the beast turns its head towards the sound and sees little Jona crouched behind a barrel of wine, as soon as the beast turns towards Jona he quickly goes back behind the barrel. Samuel had a sinking feeling in his heart, himself on one side of the fire, the creature and Jona on the other. Stepping towards the frightened Jona, the beast seemed to grow larger and larger, looking to big to be in the small ship, Jona felt as if he was shrinking with every step the beast took. Picking Jona up from behind the barrel, the beast quickly jumps up and out of the ship, Samuel leaps through the red hot flames and lunges at the top of the ship, crawling towards the bow he finally makes it onto his feet in time to see the creature run off into the forest with his child, the only sound being Jona screaming to save

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