Amount Of Air Pressure In A Volleyball Effect

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Does the Amount of Air Pressure In a Volleyball Effect How Far It Goes When Hit? Does the amount of air pressure in a volleyball effect how far it goes when hit? Air pressure pushes against objects. People measure air pressure differently. Volleyballs can be affected by air pressure. Volleyballs are made of many different materials. This research suggests, the more air in a volleyball, the farther it will go.. Air pressure is the push that air has against objects that it touches. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and oxygen all make up air. These gases have little molecules that are always moving. The molecules press against the surface of objects, creating pressure. This pressure has a volume and weight and takes up space. Air pressure can be affected by temperature and is greater by the amount of air held. Air pressure can be measured in many ways. Pressure gauges are tools that measure air pressure. Air pressure is measured by psi (pounds per square inch) in the US. Pascal, Newton, Bar and Millibar are also measurements of air pressure. 15 psi is…show more content…
Air pressure affects how a ball bounces and how they move through the air. Volleyballs go farther when they have more air. Volleyballs should be inflated between 4 to 6 pounds of pressure. Volleyballs that aren't filled completely will take more energy bouncing into shape, making them not go as far. Inflating volleyballs too much can make the seams split. Putting more air in a volleyball squeezes the air inside, raising the pressure. Volleyballs not used can lose air. The amount of air pressure changes when air escapes a volleyball. Volleyballs keep their round shape from the air pressure. Volleyballs are kept inflated by the air molecules moving around inside. Different amounts of pressure in volleyballs are allowed in practice because air pressure can change in the temperature. When volleyball's are hot, air molecules move faster, making air pressure

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