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Conan the Barbarian is a 1982 film about a boy who was sold into slavery after the brutal slaying of his parents by Thulsa Doom, a snake handler. Conan was then forced to provide manual labor spinning a wheel called the “Wheel of Pain” until his adulthood where he was sold to a man who trains him as a hardcore fighter and soon sets him free. Conan sets out to seek revenge on Thulsa Doom for slaying his family. The only thing Conan has is a symbol of a double-headed serpent. While roaming the lands in search of this symbol, Conan is chased by a pack of wild dogs, which are now domesticated German Shepherds. Conan finally receives a tip on a snake cult, which happened to be Doom’s. Conan went to Doom’s place to see what he could find and soon after was captured by Doom and his men. Doom demanded that Conan be crucified and hung from a “the tree of woe” and left to die. After being saved, events all lead up to the assassination of Doom by Conan. At a ceremony in front of all of Doom’s peers, Conan sneaks up behind him kills him. Conan the Barbarian, I believe, was supposed to portray Dark Age cultures. I am going to discuss the accurate portrayal of the animals…show more content…
Yes, it still existed, however it wasn’t as common as it was in the past. Conan was sold into slavery as a child, but most of the story line takes place in his mid-life years. You could probably consider Doom’s followers to be slaves of Doom. Looking at the women, especially. There is a scene in the movie where Doom looks at a woman and tells her to “come”. She then jumps off of the ledge to her death. It is safe to say that she was hypnotized by his power. The women in the ceremonies, as mentioned above, could also be considered as slaves. They are told to get completely undressed and sacrifice themselves. Slaves do what they are told and so did all of these women that were just discussed. This aspect more inaccurately represents this time

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