Wavin Flag Song Analysis

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A lot of these mainstream music now a days are not having a good influence in our life. All these songs ever talk about is sex, money, or drugs. There is really no meaning to them and these companies market them so much and repeat them on the radios over and over again. The only thing these record companies want is for us to buy the music that they produce. But in all this there is this very well thought out song and well made song called Wavin Flag. “Wavin Flag” is a meaningful song that discusses my family’s history, issues that are important in the world and is also an inspiring song that gives youth hope. Wavin Flag is written by a canadian artist named K’naan. K'naan is a Somalian who emigrated to Canada at a young age due to the war.…show more content…
I think K’naan is very optimistic about the future and knows that he can make change for the better. This song has a lot meaning to me because it is similar to what happened to my family, it talks about important issues that is happening in this world,and it is very inspiring to me. K’naan lived in Somalia which was in a war and he struggled a lot living there as he said in his song, “Among the hardest survival” before he came to canada and became very successful, exactly like K’naan my parents came from Sri Lanka which was in a civil war and now they are living a good life in Canada. Life was very hard for my parents in Sri Lanka. Their was lots of killings and my grandpa passed away because of the war. Just like K’naan in Somalia my parents had no freedom when they were in Sri Lanka but they always knew that they will get out of this one way or another. Even through all the war and corruption K’naan managed to make it out and become one of the most successful Somalian in the world (“Out of the darkness, I came the farthest”).My parents did not become important or famous but they managed to make it out safely through all the killings and tortures that was happening in Sri

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