Amelia Earhart Metaphors

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The quote “Always do what you're afraid to do” comes from a book called “we were liars”. This quote is one of the mottos that Cadence writes on her hand in the book. If you're afraid to do something, overcome it and do it. This quote helps my beliefs today because it gives me motivation to overcome my fears and try things i haven't done because im afraid to do it. People are afraid to overcome their fears, but wants they do, they are satisfied with overcoming it. Amelia Earhart was a very talented and brave women. ‘’In 1932, Earhart became the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone (Bednarek A1).’’ Earhart is facing her fears and is wanting to take flying to the next level. Earhart was trying to learn everything she could about the airplane because she wanted to prove that girls can be just as talented as guys at the time with the new sport. ‘’Flying was a new and dangerous sport at that time. Earhart…show more content…
“In a typical act he was shackled with chains and placed in a box that was locked, roped, and weighted. The box was submerged from a boat, to which he returned after freeing himself under water (Stek 1).” Houdini was very confident in his acts. Houdini did plenty of different acts in his career. In one of his outdoor exhibition “he allowed himself to be suspended, head down, some 75ft ditch in which position he freed himself from a straight jacket previously fastened upon him (Houdini 1).” The acts that he does tells you that houdini was not afraid to do things he had fears of. The act called The Milk Can Escape was a very dangerous act Houdini conquered. “The milk can escape involves the use of a trick can. The top is locked to an outer section, which involves the inner can containing the liquid (Houdini).” As i have told you all these acts that Houdini has done you can tell that Houdini tried things that aren't just dangerous but he was afraid to do

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