Alison Bechdel's Fun Home Analysis

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The rules of journalism become even more complex when one tries to strictly define what exactly counts as a journalistic piece. Alison Bechdel's Fun Home is a coming-of-age story set in Beech Creek, Pennsylvania. The graphical memoir chronicles Bechdel’s childhood and revolved around her complicated relationship with her father, and also serves as a “coming out.” The story is both accounts from her childhood, and her reflections on the past events she shares with us, the readers. Reading this memoir raised some difficult ethical questions about what writing this kind of piece mainly; do the rules of writing about other people apply to memoirs? When people read memoirs they expect and assume they are reading the truth. When a memoirist writes,…show more content…
However, the writer isn’t the only one making the sacrifice. Writers’ stories also include other people: family, teachers, peers, friends and romantic interests- except not all of these people agree to sacrifice their privacy. This seems unfair, because since we have a right to interpret things in any we want, memoirs writers have few restrictions on what they actually write, even though their work is still taken as fact. In Fun Home, Bechdel paints her father as a suicidal manic, an emotionally unavailable father, a closeted homosexual, and an adulterous husband. As readers we take her evaluation of her father as fact, but we don’t know that she paints a fair picture of him as a father and we see that she concludes that her father killed himself despite the lack of substantial evidence supporting this claim. Readers do know that the book is Bechdel’s memoir, and technically doesn’t claim to be completely factual, but the affect it has on the reader and what we think about Bruce, her father, cannot be ignored. Its similar to how satirical new show like “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” which clearly not “real”, but still has an immense on its viewers’ political

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