After The Disaster Poem By Abigail Deutsch Summary

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After the Disaster In the poem “After the Disaster” by the poet Abigail Deutsch, the author is telling people about how there was a girl who came flying down the aisle of a train and the way of how everyone ignored her and muttered at her and wouldn’t help her get up. The meaning of this poem is that not everyone is the same. If everyone was the same, someone would have helped the girl get up in the train aisle but no one helped her. The theme/message of the poem “After the Disaster” is that anything can happen anywhere because the last line of the poem says “Such things were common after the disaster” meaning, anything can come in common even after a tremendous disaster. The feeling/tone of this poem was frightening and shocking due to the fact that the…show more content…
Deutsch uses imagery in lines 8-9, “The crowd ignored her or they muttered “Hey, excuse me” as they passed her”. Imagery are the words and/or phrases that demand to the five senses which are sight, smell, hear, taste, and touch. In lines 8-9, it shows the senses of hearing because as the crowd passed by her they ignored her but said “Hey, excuses me”. Deutsch also uses personification in “After the Disaster”. Personification is describing human characteristics to something that is not human like. An example from the poem could be, “hair that looked to be all feathers and a half-moon smile”, this supports the poetic device, personification, because it is giving human characteristics. Another poetic device that the other used is foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is when the author of the poem, gives advanced hints of what will come in the poem later on. An example of foreshadowing can be “one night, not long after the disaster, our train was passing Astor”, this is foreshadowing because they are giving you a hint that the setting is taking place in the

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