Yossarian's Insanity In Catch 22

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“He was comfortable in the hospital, and it was easy to stay on because he always ran a temperature of 101.” Yossarian, the protagonist of Catch 22, a bombardier of the Twenty-seventh Air Force, stationed on Pianosa during World War II. He thought of war as all the opponents were aiming at him and only him. Yossarian was simply afraid of death and did not want to die in the war, which is why staying at the hospital was his hideaway secret. In order to get away from flying more missions, Yossarian went to a hospital with a mysterious liver complaint He then sabotaged his plane and actually tried to get himself declared insane just so he could avoid being apart of the war. His character recognized the insanity of social organizations that degrade human life and tried to go against them, first in harmless ways and then through straight rejection. However, he refused to discipline officials and…show more content…
The results of war are never exactly positive. Many people can relate to Yossarian and can have the same thoughts about getting out of the war for anything just to keep themselves safe. Various soldiers of war have the same idea as Yossarian; everyone wants to kill him and only him. No one WANTS to die, so one will do whatever it takes to stay alive and cheat death, just as Yossarian did. Going to the hospital with a mysterious complaint was a smart choice to staying safe and not having to fight. At the same time, there's no sense in fighting powerful systems, like the government, because everyone is supposedly free. It would be a mistake to challenge the laws of government because it would only cause pandemonium. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean important causes aren't worth fighting for. If someone is brave enough to risk their life in battle, it should be for freedom, not for a system that takes benefits for its

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