Adversity In Warriors Don 'T Cry'

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Adversity is never silent. Whether as hidden as best can be, locked in the jail of our subconscious. Some people go through it silently, some out in the open. Either way it can show, it's the way though, how people carry themselves as they go. We've had discussions, read articles and a book. Throughout all of those the same quote resounds through them : "Adversity does not build character - it reveals character." Mohamed Kamagate's quote show that Adversity builds character. He said that putting homosexual's was "immorally right" but since it was a private club they didn't have to be equal to everybody. This shows there characters of the owner's of the swim club because it shows how judgmental and hateful. If the only allowed heterosexuals…show more content…
When she went to the fair she had enough money to ride a amusement ride but when she tried to give the money the white operator yelled at her and the other white people looked at her mean she came to this realization : "I learned that there was to be know space for me on that merry-go-round no matter how many saddles stood empty.” (Beals 1). When they said she didn't belong she came to the conclusion that she would never be allowed among white people. And with that conclusion it revealed their character. It showed how hateful they were they told her she didn't belong here and called her a "Pickaninny" (a derogatory term for African-Americans). In the Plessey v. Ferguson case revealed the character of the state itself. In the case this was made known " Plessey believed segregated facilities violate the Equal Protection Clause. As a full citizen, Plessey should not have been denied any rights of citizenship. He should not have been required to give up any public right. The Louisiana law violated the Equal Protection Clause so it is unconstitutional." This reveals the character because they wanted to give the African-Americans all of the bad stuff even though it was unlawful. They went so far to treat them with hate and serve them disadvantages hat they even went against their own law. It shows how hateful they

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