Adventure Activities In Dubai Essay

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Top 7 Adventure Activities in Dubai Top 7 adventure activities in Dubai that redefine thrill and fun Top 7 Activities in Dubai for Adventure Junkies and Thrill Seekers Are you yearning for something extraordinary that could offer you opportunities to break free from the shackles of mundane routine? If yes, then don't loose anymore time in thinking and rediscover the lost zest in you by heading to the land that has a majestic stretch of desert, age-old tradition, yet modern and evolving, and where luxury and comfort sing in harmony. If you haven't got it, then let us tell you that we are talking about Dubai. We bring you the top 7 adventure activities in Dubai that can make your life lively and cheerful. Skydiving Among all the outdoor…show more content…
And the best way to taste it by going for reef and wreck diving. Since Dubai is blessed with a wide turquoise blue ocean, there are a few wreck sites away from the Dubai coast. The most visited wreck is the Anchor Barge that was engulfed by the sea in 1998. Diving to explore this site will also get you to watch the color-changing cuttlefish closely. If you proceed further to the Gulf of Oman, you can explore abundant reefs and islands. You will also encounter white sharks, parrotfish, scorpionfish, and moray eels. Sea Kayaking Sea kayaking is one of the many activities to on the waters of Dubai. The coast of Arabian Peninsula is best to experiencing this water sport. Many fun-seekers enjoy the gentle waters and great scenic spots by kayaking. The Abu Dhabi and Um Al Quwaing mangroves on the west coast, the Khor Kalba on the east coast offer mangrove forest. These regions are also inhabited by white-collared kingfishers and the Socotra cormorants if you love spotting rare bird. For adventure seekers, Dubai offers plenty of options to try on land, in air, and sea. So, enjoy all these activities and enrich your life by gaining loads of unforgettable

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