Narrative Essay On Cinderella

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Cinderella again, I don't even know why I write in my diary if know one will be reading it but I have a very important story to tell, even though i'm in Heaven I still like to write about my previous years. Enjoy! One day I was visiting the 7 dwarfs and they went to go to work so I decided to clean their house after a couple of hours I decided to make my homemade coffee, so I went outside to collect my supplies. I let the coffee boil and I love sugar in my coffee so I added a spoonful of sugar not realizing that a piece of the poisonous apple, it somehow fell into the sugar jar at the time i didn't realize but I started to feel weird after a couple of minutes all of a sudden i fall down and all i see is myself in this colorful tornado and all of a sudden i'm at this huge building, at the time i thought it was a castle but, i start to see people walk into the building i’m very confused at this time. I start to follow the people and i walk into this huge building not knowing it was a school. Everyone was looking at me funny and staring at me, i didn't mind but all of a sudden there are these girls that walk up to me and i bow down to them thinking they are princesses but they were actually students at the school they started talking to me and wondering who i was. I told them my name was cinderella and they started to laugh so i laughed with them not knowing they thought it was a joke. They started to ask me lots of questions and i didnt know all the answers and they brought me down a flight of stairs, all of a sudden everyone stops talking and stares me…show more content…
I sat with the “popular kids” everyone wanted to be by me and everyone was talking to me. I was the center of attention. All of a sudden i see max and i look away as he lok sat me, some of his friends say you cant date max i didn't know what even meant at the time but i knew i loved me at first

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