Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cellulose

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Low micro fibril angle ensures the fiber to be more rigid, inflexible and mechanically more strong. The value of the micro fibrillar angle varies from fiber to fiber (Rowell et al., 2000; Nevell and Zeronian, 1985; Goda et al., 2009). Cellulose has a large number of hydroxyl groups that gives a hydrophilic character to jute fiber which is responsible for its poor compatibility with hydrophobic polymer matrices and also for its dimensional instability. These hydroxyl groups make the fibers more reactive toward the different surface modifiers. The nature of cellulose and its crystallinity determine the reinforcing efficiency of jute fiber. Being an amorphous, highly complex substance lignin consists mainly of aromatic phenyl propane units and…show more content…
The grafting methods of cellulose and cellulosic materials basically fall into three major types: (1) Initiation by chemical method, (2) Initiation by irradiation and (3) Initiation by thermal method. Investigation by grafting by chemical means is preferred owing to their simple nature and less requirement of special equipment. Chemical initiation methods yield free radicals which are necessarily a part of the monomer or the polymer. They are classified as (a) free radical producing initiator systems and (b) redox systems. Free radical initiation is a primary method of forming cellulose graft copolymers. In some cases, macro cellulosic radicals are formed directly and initiate polymerization of vinyl monomers onto cellulose. In other cases, free radicals, are formed which may abstract hydrogen atoms from cellulose to form macro cellulosic radical sites. Ionic-initiated grafting of vinyl monomers onto cellulose by formation of active sites on cellulosic molecule has been reported. Two important factors in free-radical initiation of grafting reactions of vinyl monomers with fibrous cellulose are the lifetimes of macro cellulosic radicals are formed and the fibrous cellulose is immersed in solutions of monomers, the short-lived radicals, usually more accessible, are probably scavenged by the solvent, and the long-lived radicals predominate in initiating polymerization. The long –lived radicals are present in the more molecularly oriented regions of the

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