Advantages And Disadvantages Of ARTEMIS Rubber

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Rubber is naturally found as viscous liquid called latex which is synthesized in industries for making various products for different applications (Simpson). Rubber products are manufactured through a series of processes mixing, shaping and vulcanization. In industrial manufacturing processes mixing is done through various extruders, pin rollers and mixers in which chemicals, fillers and additives are added in rubber to make customized products. These products are than shaped through different processes such as injection molding, blow molding, transfer molding and compression molding. In compression molding, slugs of rubber are pressed between two warmed mold parts and the completed part is then air-cooled. In Injection molding, the liquid…show more content…
ARTEMIS Rubber’s manufacturing company utilizes a range of processes including extrusion, blow molding and injection molding. The basic focus of ARTEMIS rubber is in the developing of molded rubber products, which initiates from prototyping of the product according to specification to mass production. ARTEMIS rubber use computer enabled molding presses in cold and hot transfer molding, compression molding, furthermore vertical and horizontal injection molding. ARTEMIS rubber is expert in processing of natural rubbers and polymeric rubbers and elastomers. They use cold-runner and cold-transfer equipments fpr transfer molding. ARTEMIS rubber also deals with plastic products, from plain parts to composite materials and compound assemblies using similar processes…show more content…
This can be accomplished by elimination of dangerous chemicals involved when the manufacturing process initiates. For example, N-nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are used as raw materials in rubber manufacturing, generate hazardous fumes and should be eliminated (Bahr). Substitution The second most effective approach to control a risk in rubber manufacturing process is to replace the process with something else that would be non-risky or less hazardous to labors. This involves utilizing lesser toxic raw materials, for example, those materials made from pyrethrins (generated from natural products), which are thought to be less harmful to laborers compared some hazardous polymers or chemical raw materials. For example, in rubber curing process, phthalates used needs to be substituted on the grounds that they generate exceedingly poisonous smokes which could result in lung cancer in workers

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