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Adnan is Guilty? On January 13, 1999, Hae Min Lee went missing in Baltimore, Maryland. The state believed that she was strangled by her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed. Adnan was known as a honor student, track & football star, and a very religious kid. Several people believe that Adnan was innocent and a vast majority believes that he is guilty. Jay Wilds, the main witness in the court trial, tells the jury his story about what happened on the 13 of January. Jay’s recent interview (December 29, 2014) about the case provides us with more information than Jay’s interview in 1999. They talked about burying Hae’s body. Adnan inconsistencies throughout the case, such as using filler words. Adnan digging Hae’s grave, and the payphone/cell phone records. This is the main reason why they believe he…show more content…
Cooper. Adnan stated that Jay’s stories wasn’t true. Jay said that Adnan was going to kill Hae, which he actually confessed. Jay explains that Adnan needed help to dig the hole. Jay tells us that he seen Hae’s body in Hae’s car, trunk to be exactly. “I told [Adnan] that I wouldn’t touch her car, or any of her possessions, and I say…”(The Intercept, 2014). They only dug a 6-inch hole to bury Hae. Adnan touched Hae’s body, or to be exact he put her body in the grave. After a while Adnan takes Hae’s car to a secret location, and get in Adnan get in the car with Jay. After, they both returned home. We have learned a lot about the cell records and the payphone at Best Buy. We learned that Adnan was wearing red gloves, as of Jay’s story. We also learned that there was never a payphone identified at Best Buy. Analyzing the phone log. I noticed that Krista actually talked to Adnan on January 12,1999. The call pinged to the tower L651C, which was actually Adnan’s house. Adnan stayed on the line with Krista for 18:46, could Adnan have relations with Krista also. Could Krista be helping Adnan plot/plan the motive for the

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