Personal Narrative: A Portrait Of A Kangaroo

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When I was in preschool, there was a time where I was really upset, and even mildly angry with my teacher. We were doing a coloring assignment. We were coloring in a kangaroo, and she told us to color it however we wanted to. So naturally, I did exactly as I was told. I colored this kangaroo, and when it was finished it was a multitude of colors. This hopping portrait was red, blue, green, and dare I say, even purple. When it was finished, I brought my very first masterpiece up to the teacher, and she observed it for a few minutes, then set it down. She did not show any signs of encouragement, but instead she wore a mask of sympathy. She handed me a new paper and asked me to redo it. Unfortunately, she did not tell me what was wrong with

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