The Efficacy Of The Transtheroetical Model (TTM)

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Thesis While the Transtheroetical Model (TTM) has been in use, tested and improved over the past 20 years, spectators are on the fence as to whether the model is truly beneficiating the patients it is applied to. The debate as to if this model truly works or not is the talk of the psychology community. Robert West, a professor of health psychology, made the statement in 2005 that he believed the TTM is very flawed and does not give the results one hopes for in regards to it aiding in the process of kicking a smoking habit. (Herzog, 2005) This commentary is a combination of responses to his statement that are both controversial and eye opening. Rationale Two authors from this commentary that speak up and discuss West’s option of the TTM…show more content…
A comment on West (2005)” explains how he to has hesitations when it comes to the use of the TTM model and believes that if this model is going to be successful then it needs to be revised. (Sutton, 2005) He touches on the concept of stage effects and their importance on a model such as this one. Sutton expresses that there is no need to totally dismiss the idea of having a behavior model in place. (Sutton, 2005) He suggests two models as alternatives, the precaution adoption process model and the perspectives on change model of smoking cessation. Sutton agrees with Robert West that a change needs to be made to the TTM for it to work effectively but that the process of changing behavior does not need to be dismissed altogether. (Sutton,…show more content…
There is a mutual consensus throughout the commentary that changes do need to be made to the TTM, but most agreed that it should not be completely dismissed. Every author that responded to West supported his theory with great evidence and was very convincing. (Herzog, 2005) The TTM model was designed to help those who need to change a certain behavior that they have learned to be dependent upon. To completely erase a model such as this one would be a mistake. Improvements can be made, finding a firm foundation to build upon is a necessity but to throw away the research and development on this particular model would be a

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