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1. This phoebe bag is the bag that I made for myself. I purchased the patter from a locally owned shop in Starkville Mississippi. I also purchased all of the materials from the same location. I picked this pattern because the color pallet and design appealed to my taste in darker tones and the unique method of dying the fabric. Melted wax was used to create the pattern in the dying process. It's the right amount of colorful with out being too bright for myself. 2. This phoebe bag was the first one ever I made. I made it for my mother as a Christmas gift. It was made from a fat quarters bundle I bought from the same fabric shop as my bag. This bad required me to split the pattern on the exterior due the amount of fabric I had to work with. My…show more content…
This a club style dress that is a literal representation of no matter how you may try to high your differences, the real you is always there. This is a part of the “going against the grain” collection. It is more of a representation of the people that didn't choose to be different, but can't avoid their true selves. As I have come to realize in my own life, no matter the mask you choose to wear, the people around you notice things you try to hide. This is a dress I can see cisgender women, transgender women, and androgynous men wearing. I actually had Andreja Pejic, my favorite model, in mind when a sketched this dress out. 7. This dress is inspired by a broken heart. Love is rarely balanced, hence the asymmetrical skirt of the dress. I made the void the broken hearted feels literal, with a heart pined in the hair to represent how the memories linger in the mind. 8. One of my favorites is the 5pm Latte. This dress is designed to resemble a gourmet latte. The star of the dress is the skirt. The fabric is to be cut to be a little above mid-thigh and extend about five feet from the left hip and wrapped back and forth and sewn into place so that the material drapes resembling the ripples in the designs in a latte and leaving a mid-thigh high slit along the left

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