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Harrison Hodge Mrs.Painter English 1 29 October 2014 Celebrities and Charities Celebrities impact our culture in many ways throughout history.In the past, a celebrity was recognized by their wealth or popularity. I0 n today’s society, Some celebrities are remembered for their humor, some are remembered for their voice,and some are remembered through charity works, like the actor/comedian Adam Sandler. Sandler has been considered a comedian throughout his life. Adam Sandler is more than just a comedian he also supports many charities and foundations such as the EB Medical Research Foundation. Adam Sandler has contributed in many events for the EB Medical Research Foundation to help raise money and speak out. He also can be considered…show more content…
Their child’s name was Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, but he spent most of his childhood in Manchester, New Hampshire where he lived for twelve years (Biography in Context). Sandler had two sisters named Elizabeth and Valerie and one brother named Scott (Biography in Context). While he was a student at Manchester Central High School, Sandler’s funny personality earned him the title of “the class clown” (AceShowbiz). At age seventeen, Adam and his brother, Scott, went to a comedy club in Boston, Massachusetts. It was here that Sandler first realized that he wanted to become a comedian (Biography in Context). Sandler began to hone his comedic skills upon entering New York University (AceShowbiz). Adam Sandler began playing in shows wherever possible and finally, in 1987, he appeared on “The Cosby Show” as Theo Huxtable’s friend “Smitty” (Lifetime). He also appeared on television as the host of an MTV game show entitled “Remote Control” (Lifetime) . Soon after these appearances, Adam Sandler realized he wanted to become involved in the entertainment business. He performed at…show more content…
Due to his large amount of success, he is able to donate to multiple charities. One of the major foundations Adam Sandler supports is the EB Research Foundation (Celebrity With Heart). The EB Research Foundation was established in 1991 by Gary and Lynn Fechser Anderson who lost two children to Epidermolysis Bullosa, a disease that develops harmful blisters on the skin whenever the skin is traumatized (Ebkids). Dr. Eugene Bauer requested Gary and Lynn’s help after he and his research team began making exciting progress of their study of EB, but they needed additional funding (Ebkids). The EB Research Foundation provides research for children and adults who are affected by a form of Epidermolysis Bullosa (Ebkids). This genetic disease causes those who are affected to have very fragile skin that is covered in blisters (Ebkids). In fact, the skin becomes so weak and delicate that it resembles the fragility of a butterfly’s wing . Because of this, children affected by EB are often referred to as Butterfly Children (Ebkids). The EB Research Foundation has helped raise five million dollars for research in order to help these children and adults.. The goal of the foundation is to keep operating costs at less than 1% of incoming donations so that 99% of contributions can go directly to needed research programs (Ebkids). Based on statistics collected through the National Epidermolysis Bullosa Registry, EB is estimated to

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