Act 3 Scene 3 Vs Hamlet Essay

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In the video production of Hamlet, Act 3 scene 3. Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare in 17th century England. The story tells about Hamlet, the Danish prince who exacts revenge on his uncle Cladius for the murder of his father, King Hamlet. Although the story of Hamlet is loosely based on a 13th century legend, the 1996 Kenneth Branagh film adaptation takes place somewhere in the first half of 19th century Denmark. In this essay, I will discuss a scene, emphasizing the character performances, and the interactions between the characters. Although Cladius confessed the murder, why didn't Hamlet kill him while he had the chance? The scene we'll be analyzing is Act III, Scene III after the events of a play set up by Hamlet. The play had some scenes of reenacting the murder committed by Cladius. Hamlet observes Cladius as he…show more content…
To avoid the truth being exposed, Cladius hopes to sent Hamlet to England to be murdered. At the same time, Hamlet hopes to gain some sort of confession from his uncle before telling the rest of his family of the crime the current king has commited. The actors in the 1996 movie version shows a better visual of the story dialogue than the spoken lines for viewers to understand. This also gives us a better visual imagination of Hamlet “killing” Cladius in the confession scene where present day viewers would have no idea what the dialogue was about. The scene itself presented to the audience a dark atmosphere during the confession. For the viewers who are unfamiliar with Hamlet, the feeling of revenge is present and feeling of encouraging Hamlet to kill builds only to dessipate when he backs down. For some this would be viewed as not wanting to commit murder in front of god. For other viewers on the other hand, would see it as Hamlet hesitating and trying to make up his mind in whether to kill his uncle or

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