The Brown Trout Bay Flood Analysis

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Leadership has many obstacles to overcome when attempting to lead a variety of different personalities. This becomes even more challenging during a crisis like a hurricane, tornado, or a flood. The Brown Trout Bay flooding is a perfect example of how obstacles can cripple a person in a leadership role if they are not prepared properly. Leadership under crisis will eventually lead to moral problems, a lack of efficiency and decision making, and a lack of accountability if not handled properly. With the events of the flood it is immediately recognized that there are very different communication styles with eight people who have different backgrounds and who lead their departments in different ways. Each of these different styles need to be…show more content…
He is able to think independently and thinks logical on how to solve problems. The leadership style which would be best to use for him would be Achievement-oriented leadership. This type of leadership and communication focus on goal-oriented communication the he is about the ability to achieve certain goals (Gamble & Gamble, 2013). Leadership is challenging under the best working conditions, however, leading during a crisis can bring about other challenges for a leader. With those challenges rising, not only are leaders dealing with a crisis but are now dealing with possible leadership crisis. There are many factors which can lead to a leadership crisis. One factor is the lack of delegation (Kumar, 2014). A leader can’t be expected to do all the work and lead at the same time. He/she must delegate some authority and work to other workers. Not only does this take some of the pressure off the leader but also allows followers a chance to get exposure to responsibilities and leadership also. This will also build trust between the leader and those in which he/she is…show more content…
With an increase in both of these areas, this will bring team member to become more independent in their work. This can also build on responsibility to the team. To start with, an authoritarian style of leadership might have to start the initial meeting due to the tone of the email. This will let the followers known what is expected of them and what the goal of the team is. Once this is understood, the leader can switch to a democratic style of leadership to that communication is multidirectional (Gamble & Gamble, 2013). Each team member has an expertise in the department in which he or she works. There are many tools these members can bring to the table to solve the drinking water crisis in the community. Switching to a democratic style will allow this flow of information to go back and forth. This will also allow the team members to have input, participate and feel they are actually helping in solving the problem at

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