Abortion In The 1800's

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Throughout many cultures and through many centuries women have had a rich history with abortion and it has come a long way from the 1800’s. Abortion was not a recognized act until so many women started to abort. Many women in the 1800”s wanted and needed to abort for financial reasons but also for the reason that there would be no husband in the family. The main women who were getting abortions prior to Comstock laws were young women who were not married and could not get married for reasons unknown. In the 1800”s women who were seen as unwanted were considered a sin. Sometimes men choose not to marry particular women for reasons unknown and when that happened these women were looked upon as unworthy and if something was wrong with them. When…show more content…
If the man wanted the woman o get an abortion he would go out and find someone to do it no matter how the woman felt bout the child. All these women who were getting abortions were either forced by men or made them because they knew either way they could not take care of a child. As soon as more women started to recognize abortions as a way of helping to lower their child count a dramatic shift happened in who was seeking out abortions. Before the Comstock Laws came into place in 1873 women of status who were married, white and usually Christian started to seek out abortions. When the unwanted young women were looking for abortions it didn’t seem to be a problem but when married, white Christian women started to look for help the Comstock laws were put into place. It seemed as if the women that mattered most to society were the ones being protected. The “Republican mothers” who wanted to abort were not allowed anymore because Comstock believed it was a sin and all women should raise their children in a proper republican society. Anthony Comstock made a dramatic law in place for women without any consent for what the women believed or what they had to go through in the…show more content…
Abortion was legal until more women started to use it and Anthony Comstock made it illegal. Abortion has made a roller coaster with the rules hat be in its place because of it. It's impossible to know what the future will hold for the legality of abortion. Many anti abortions groups are still convinced that a fetus is a feasible person with the same exit rights as a newborn baby. Abortion right groups on the other hand believe a woman can make the decision that is right for her body without the government interfering. There is so much controversy around abortions now a days that’s its hard to tell what direction it will move. In 1973, Roe Wade was a case that was way ahead of its time with its statement that women can legally chose to have an abortion, but Roe V. Wade was also a new beginning of its time. What is needed in both the U.S and the world is a movement that makes the case for women’s body and its autonomy and also moral sense. Choice is nonnegotiable when it comes to abortion. What would happen if choice were taken out of the reproductive health picture? A woman then becomes the product of her circumstances that surround her. When a woman’s rights and voice about her own body is put on the line and decide for her, then the knowledge of that women is decreased because she believes she has no say in the matter. A woman is judged incapable of making her own decisions after that, just how she has been for so many years

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