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This project is about the legacy of Aaliyah. It will give you the details about Aaliyah's musical background and tell you about when she first started singing. It will also tell you the reasons why I choose to do my project on her. I will talk about where she grew up at, her family life, and what schools she attended. I will also describe the start of her career as a singer, dancer, and actress. This project will not only focus on when she was living, but it will also talk about the cause of her death and when she died. If you have never heard of Aaliyah before now, you will see what I have seen and why I feel that she is the greatest dancer of all time. I will not only talk about the good things that was said about her, but I will also talk about the negative things that was said about her personal relationship. Furthermore, this project will show how Aaliyah's legacy lives on, the foundation set up in her name that gives back to different charities that she supported, and the great impression she made on millions of fans. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York, to Diane and Micheal Haughton. Her name means, "The highest, most exalted one,…show more content…
Her songs had a combination of crisp production with staccato arrangements, at the same time having old-school soul music. As she made each additional album, writers felt that Aaliyah matured, calling her progress "a declaration of strength and independence." While her voice caught many people's attention, she had her own distinct image. She wore baggy pants and sunglasses, stating that she just wanted to be herself. Aaliyah was viewed by many as a role model. She was classy, but still appealed to audiences of all ages. Even when there is positive in people, there is also negativity. She was still viewed as a sex symbol, but Aaliyah didn't have a problem with this. She felt that it was wonderful to have that sex

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