Why Is Jerry Maguire Unethical

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Movie Analogy of Jerry Maguire Jerry Maguire is a sports movie that takes place in the 90s. The movie stars a sports agent names Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise). Jerry Maguire goes through a series of personal challenges due to his own decision making. At first glance, it appears that Jerry Maguire is an effective and efficient sports agent at Sports Management International (SMI) on top of his career by juggling 72 clients and easily 264 to 300 calls per day. Immediately, it is revealed that this sports agent is very unethical and only cares about his clients careers. Proof of this is in the scene at the hospital when his client Steve Remo’s son pleads with Jerry to convince his dad to retire from football due to health reasons.…show more content…
From the beginning of the movie, all the sports agents at SMI were about benefits for themselves. There was very little loyalty shown by Jerry Maguire, his co-workers, and his fiancée. Several scenes show the unethical issues Jerry faces. The first was during the beginning of his agent career Jerry did not care about his client’s personal life just their careers. The second unethical issue is when Bob Sugar, Jerry’s boss and friend, fired him at Cronin’s, a crowded restaurant, to avoid confrontation then stole his clients. Bob should have honored their friendship first and foremost; he should not have fired Jerry. Bob persuaded Jerry’s clients to hire him as their agent by deceit and manipulation; he told them that Jerry was suffering a “meltdown”. Only one client remained loyal to Jerry. Before firing Jerry, Bob Sugar vetted his clients and was able to sway them to join him by manipulation. Bob Sugar told all Jerry’s clients that he was suffering a meltdown, and by doing so, he was able to convince all except one of Jerry’s clients to allow him to represent them. Jerry in turn tried to take some of his fellow co-workers away from SMI with him, but only the secretary Dorothy Boyd left with Jerry. This also shows the people Jerry thought were his friends were not willing to put themselves in financial

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